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Artigarvan Primary School 31 Berryhill Road Artigarvan Strabane



Meet us we are the Enterprise Team!

Regan : I love Enterprise because it is creative and fun and Liz is great help .I like the way we learn to make new things every week. I also like the Enterprise shop. I really enjoy going out and just having a chat with everyone out there.


Charlie : I love Enterprise because every week you have the chance to get out of class . You can have fun while working. Being a part of Enterprise is a great experience and you are learning business skills. I’m privileged to be in the Enterprise team. Always remember there is no I in team! J  


Keisha : I love Enterprise because it is a great place to just go out and have a chit chat and I enjoy making things to put up in the school for other people to see. It is a great team to be a part of!


Lucy : I love Enterprise because you get to help with the shop and make displays that go up around the school. The one thing I don’t really like is you have to do maths for the shop to count up how much money we made. I also like the fact that all the money we make goes to the school.


Charlotte : I really enjoy Enterprise because we get to experience what it is like to really work in a shop and sell things. Being a part of Enterprise is like being a part of a happy family. Enterprise is a great team to be a part of!


Stacey : My experience of being in Enterprise has been amazing and still will be amazing. Liz is so helpful and kind and I think doing the shop helps with responsibility and counting money and I love working with everyone and Liz. I am really happy to be a part of Team Enterprise! J